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The Cichlid Club of York 

Located in Central Pennsylvania

A love for the hobby and

the growth of the hobbyist

Our Members!

If you really enjoy what the CCY does, thank a member! Their small annual membership donation keeps this club rolling! If you aren't a member, please contact us via facebook or better yet, come to one of our meetings. We think you'll be hooked!

Aidan Stedman

Alan Rollings

Andrew Schwartz

Anjie Haynes

Anthony Sylvester

Austin Johnson

Blake Stevens

Brianne Mummert

Brooke Amanda Moore

Carne Hughes

Catherine Fixemer

Chris Moscarell

Chris Ozanich

Chrissy Laurie

Christina Ozanich

Christine Keys

Christopher Matsko

CJ Billet

Clair Klinedinst

Colin Hughes

Darius Haynes

Dave Weitzel

David Feldbauer

David Tabler

Dennis Anastasi

Diane Scheerer-Blevins

Dominick Caswell

Dwayne Walker

Dylan Kelly

Fred H.

Gavin Hughes

Glenn Davies

Greg O’Neil

Jack Lafayette

Jenna Walters

John Dickel

Josh Erwin

Joyce Emerick

Justin Holland

Karen Haas

Kayla M. Paar

Kristina Bryson

Kyle Dearden

Kyle Mummert

Lance Pentzer

Lauren Farrish

Lauren Hughes

Layna Hoeber

Layra Salinas

Leon Christopher Douglas

Liam Grob

Linda Hanson

Lisa Hoeber

Linda Stoeckmann Hansen

Liz Walker

Lonny Langione

Mark Rose

Martin Hoeber

Mason/Rob Walker

Matt Almony

Matt Quinn

Michael Mull

Michael Shiller

Michael Stephans

Michael Zeller

Mike Phillips

Natalie Dickel

Ray Cooper

Rhonda Lawrence

Richard Green

Ryan Farrish

Scarlett Hoeber

Scott McLaughlin

Steph Weitzel

Steve Arnott

Tammy Langione

Tara Johnson

Thomas Wells IV

Tim Hughes

Tom Gillooly

Wesley Bahrt

Lifetime Members

Tom Gillooly

Scott McLaughlin


to the CCY Club House