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The Cichlid Club of York 

Located in Central Pennsylvania

A love for the hobby and

the growth of the hobbyist


Back in April I saw an add for Cichlid club meetings. I thought "how cool, we love fish" and encouraged my fiancee to attend. Much to my surprise I came home from work and found him playing with the biggest Jack Dempsey I had ever seen with a huge smile on his face. He had told me he went to a meeting an had meet great people and couldn't wait for the next. I went to the next meeting with him and was truly pleased to have met and been welcomed by everyone who I am proud to call friends but are really more like family. I look forward to every meeting and event and I am never disappointed. The knowledge I have gain from others in the hobby, wither they are newbies or old hands, has been invaluable. I wear my CCY shirt with pride and always get a chuckle at the question "there are fish clubs?" Yup there sure are and I am a proud member!!


Proud CCY member

Only sorry I missed two things this year.....the CCY anniversary party and the powerball lottery.

Chuck Davis


I first got into this hobby about 2 years ago. I started like most with guppies. I wanted to do more than that though. A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon this group on Facebook. I joined and was instantly impressed with the knowledge and kindness of all of the members. I went to my first meeting 3 months ago and was very nervous because I never met any of the members before. Even though I was shy, everyone made me feel welcome and was so friendly. This club is really something special. I truly feel at home here and I feel like an equal even though I am younger than most of the members. This isn't even really a club, it's a family. Our board works so hard to make everything go smoothly and they do such a great job. Everyone in this family is willing to help each other. I can promise you that you will never find a group as tight as this one and I couldn't imagine being involved in this hobby with any other club. I am proud to be a member of the CCY and I encourage you to join!

Blake Stevens

Proud Member